Excel for Analytics I

The easiest way for any business to get started with Analytics and to get more value from your data is by using the most popular analytics tool of all time, Excel.

Excel for Analytics I

Using the VLOOKUP and IF functions with Pivot Tables, see how to easily combine your data with publicly available data.  Do a Client Revenue Analysis comparing where your revenue is actually coming from to where you are spending your marketing dollars.

  • Use VLOOKUP to get and add publicly available data from another worksheet to your current worksheet. Translate SIC codes to Industry Names, and Cities to Counties.
  • Use IF to categorize cities with “Large” and “Small” populations.
  • Use Pivot Tables to slice and dice your actual client revenue totals by city, county, SIC code and population.
  • Get insight into where revenue is coming from vs where you are focusing your marketing efforts and spend, and take corrective action where it makes sense.

Available via webinar, locally in Broomfield, or onsite at your place of business in the Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins areas.

To watch the recorded webinar from August 31, 2016 click here.


Classes are scheduled periodically. For information on when the next scheduled class will be delivered, send an email to training@connollyconsultants.com.