Consulting on Dashboards and KPIs

No matter which tools you are using, or considering, there are many wrong ways to create and deliver dashboards and far fewer right ones.

  • You must have a process for navigating the complex relationships among data, questions, users, KPIs, dashboards and business value.
  • You must have a way to stay focused on the objectives that will capture bottom line improvements, not just drive incremental overhead costs for a technology project.
  • You must balance the need for planning with the need for frequent, iterative development.

Based on years of experience with both IT and data projects, Connolly Consultants LLC knows how to guide and support your efforts.

Whether you are getting started with dashboards and KPIs, or have gotten stuck, we can help.

Delivery of Dashboards and KPIs with Power BI

Delivering dashboards with Microsoft Power BI since 2015 to optimize marketing, sales and operational processes for many clients across multiple industries is what Connolly Consultants LLC does best.

What makes Connolly Consultants LLC the right partner to work with?

  • We will learn to speak the language of *your* business quickly.
  • We will do work to ensure we understand *how* your business creates value for clients and profit for owners.
  • Our experience driven process focuses our work on *deliverables*, not excuses.

With Power BI dashboards delivered by Connolly Consultants LLC, you will see, and then know, how to run a better business.

Training on Dashboards and KPIs with Power BI

Accelerate the return on your investment in Power BI with training developed and delivered by Connolly Consultants LLC for your organization.

Generic or customized content offerings are available to train your Power BI Administrators, End Users and Developers. Delivery can be in person or via web meeting.

  • “Power BI Administration” training focuses on managing your Power BI Service tenant.
  • “Power BI End User” training focuses on learning how to navigate and maximize the Power BI user interface.
  • “Power BI Developer” training focuses on building the Reports and Dashboards with Power BI Desktop that will be consumed by End Users in the Power BI Service, including coverage of both Power Query/”M” and DAX languages.