Connolly Consultants LLC provides both Training as well as “Get Started” Consulting services.

Training Services

Primarily delivered using a short form “Lunch and Learn” presentation via webinar, but also available in person for the Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins areas. Custom training in a hands on, Lab type format can also be developed and delivered in person.

Consulting – Get Started with Analytics

Whether you want to focus on making better, data-driven decisions that drive top line growth or optimize overhead costs, Analytics can help you find ways to spend less and get more of the outcomes you want. The best way for Connolly Consultants LLC to help you get started with Analytics is to keep it simple, stay focused, and deliver a “proof”.

getstartedWe’ll look at one business problem, one relevant data set, and tackle one important question where a hidden pattern in your data may hold the answer. Where we find a meaningful pattern, we’ll tell you how to use it in your business to make better decisions under uncertainty and achieve better outcomes.


  • At an entry level consultation, we’ll use Excel’s functions, formulas and pivot tables, as well as add-ins like Power Query and Power Pivot, to give you new insights and new answers to old questions by collecting, correcting and connecting various data sources with a tool that your organization is already comfortable using.
  • At a mid level consultation, we can help you leverage modern, interactive data visualizations to create and share dashboards with colleagues and collaborators by introducing Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.
  • At a more advanced level of consultation, we’ll show you how to tackle complex decisions by utilizing algorithms and data science to predict likely future outcomes based on what’s happened in the past.

Whichever level is right for you, the starting point for any engagement is always, always, always a problem to solve and a question to ask that, if answered, can have a material and important impact on your business. And we’ll need to walk you through the non technical elements of a successful strategy to leverage Analytics for better business performance.

Beyond that, the following general Consulting services are available to you on your Analytics journey:


  • Capability Assessment for companies not sure if they are ready to invest in Analytics just yet
  • Knowledge Transfer  for those companies needing to ramp up their knowledge prior to developing an Analytics strategy
  • Strategy Development for those companies ready to declare their intentions and invest in Analytics
  • Implementation Support for companies with a strategy and ready to implement with the help of a trusted advisor
  • Diagnostic Assessment for companies executing a defined Analytics strategy that generates less than hoped for results