Dashboards and KPIs with Power BI

See, then know, how to run a better business…using the data you already have

Why Dashboards?

Your business data is an underutilized asset with more value than you realize.

Give senior management and boards of directors the information they need with modern, easy to consume data visualizations.

Stop burning unnecessary hours every week creating PowerPoint decks with copied/pasted Excel worksheets to send to management via email. That was state of the art 20 years ago…dashboards provide a better way today.

Link data from your separate business systems to see on one page, for the first time, how your business is performing end to end.

Make better decisions and take new action to solve the problems that are holding back your team’s performance with data driven answers to previously open questions.

If you are interested in getting started with dashboards but haven’t made a technology selection yet, you can’t beat the cost vs value of Microsoft Power BI.

Why Connolly Consultants LLC?

“Delivering dynamic dashboards with Microsoft Power BI from ROI to AHA!” is what we do.

While we have the technical skills with Power BI you’d expect from any other consultancy, what makes us the right choice as your partner?

  • We will learn to speak the language of *your* business quickly, delivering dashboards that are tailored to your business needs and not one-size-fits-all templates.
  • We will do work to ensure we understand *how* your business creates value for clients and profit for owners, because we know that dashboards are business tools and not a technology project.
  • Our experience driven process focuses our work on *deliverables*, not excuses, so you see value for your dollar early and often.

Our clients cover a range of both industries and departments:

  • Industries: AEC, Software Tools, Payment Processing, Healthcare Financial Services, Non-Profit Family Services, and more
  • Departments: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT

Based in Colorado with clients in states through the US, we’ve learned how to be effective while working remotely, keeping travel costs to a minimum where required.


No job’s too small, no order’s too tall…no need to look any further. Help is here.


See, and then know, how to run a better business.