Competing on Analytics” is the first book to read if you want to learn more about getting started with analytics in your own organization.

I like it because it is not focused solely on technology, but rather on the human, cultural and organizational aspects of becoming an analytical competitor. It is filled with stories and examples from big name companies.

The book is organized in two parts. Part 1 is about “The Nature of Analytical Competition”, laying the foundation for understanding Analytics with both internal and external processes. In Part 2, “Building an Analytical Capability”, you learn about the five stages of developing analytical capability, how to organize and manage analytical people, as well as aligning your investments in Analytics with the rest of your business strategy.

Written in 2007 by Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris, “Competing on Analytics” is still relevant today, especially for small to midsize businesses.

I’ve read a TON of books on Analytics, and this one is probably the best. Here’s a link to Amazon if you are considering giving it a read: Competing on Analytics.