Power BI with Office 365 for Business

If you aren’t using Power BI with your Office 365 business subscription, you are potentially missing out on great value for your organization, without needing to buy any additional software licenses.

There is a free version of Power BI that can be assigned to all your Office 365 users. That free version can be used to create and share cloud based dashboards and reports that let you and your peers look at your data the way you want to see it.

If you have OneDrive – Business available as part of your Office 365 subscription (you should), you can upload Excel files that will automatically refresh and stay in-sync with the dashboards and reports you create using Power BI based on that Excel file data. So when you update the data in your Excel file and upload/sync it to OneDrive, Power BI knows to automatically refresh the dashboards and reports connected to your Excel file.

12 Steps to Get Started

Here’s what you do:

  • Login to Office365
  • Access your OneDrive for Business
  • Upload or drag your Excel file to OneDrive
  • Open Power BI
  • Go to MyWorkspace
  • Choose GetData
  • Select the Files method
  • When prompted for the data source, choose OneDrive – Business
  • Select your file from OneDrive and Connect
  • Select the option “Import Excel data into Power BI” and click Import
  • When prompted that your dataset is ready, click View dataset.
  • Use all of Power BI’s interactive data visualizations to quickly create reports and dashboards that can be shared with your colleagues

That’s it. No need for any further complexity. Using your existing Excel files as your data source, you can easily give your organization a way to slice and dice that data using Power BI’s modern, interactive and powerful data visualizations.

So if you already have Office 365, why aren’t you exploring what’s possible with Power BI? C’mon, man!