Power BI Dynamic Row Level Security (RLS)

This prototype lets you see how dynamic RLS will behave with a simple data model that replicates the Power BI data model derived from the Power BI Solution Template for Sales Management.

There is a single dynamic filter on the Opportunity view, which propagates to the Opportunity Product view, as well.

To test it from Power BI Desktop, open the PBIX file “rlsdynamicsecurity” and choose Modeling >> View as Roles. Choose role “test4” *and* “Other user”. For Other User, type in any of the email addresses shown in the greyed out multicard “Email/Login reference by User[FullName]”. With each email address you enter, you will see what dynamic RLS allows each User to see in the Opportunity and OpportunityProduct tables.

The organizational hierarchy in User Ascendants is as follows:
Top Level = Moe Howard
Reporting to Moe Howard = Larry Fine, Curly Howard
Reporting to Larry Fine = Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson
Reporting to Curly Howard = Paul McCartney, John Lennon

rls_datamodel rls_report