Get Started with Analytics

Helping people  use their business data to learn something new about how their organization actually operates and take advantage of it to drive better performance.

Spot and stop “profit leaks” in between the functional teams within your business, where you have no visibility without data


Lower your cost of customer churn by improving retention with predictive models and targeted spend on intervention


Improve employee turnover management by spending less to keep key employees likely to leave, instead of replacing them at much greater cost


What is “Analytics”?

It’s about exploring your data looking for hidden answers to important questions that help you solve meaningful problems or achieve significant objectives that result in competitive advantage. Read more …

Analytics for any Business Size

Benefits of Analytics

When applied to the problems and opportunities associated with your organization’s distinctive capabilities, you get improved competitive advantage. You turn your data into an business asset that should generate a return like your other business assets. Your team makes better decisions and your organization gets the outcomes you want more of the time. You have an opportunity through Analytics to become a high performing “test and learn” team. Read more…


Different onramps for different organizations

For some teams, learning how to use Excel with Power Query to incorporate a greater variety of relevant data in their spreadsheets will let you ask more questions and make better decisions with a software tool you already have. For other teams, making a transition from spreadsheets to interactive dashboards using modern data visualizations will provide more and faster insights to turn into the right action. And for some organizations with complex decision problems, you will start by using algorithms, data science and predictive analytics to help you make decisions that result in spending less to get more of the business outcomes you want.

The Cost of Starting Wrong

Getting started with Analytics in an organization requires more than just spinning up another IT project. To succeed, organizations need to start right, ensuring they address all aspects of a successful investment in Analytics.  Business context, culture change and getting your team bought in are essential to get the value you want and need. Finding a partner to work with, like Connolly Consultants LLC, is an important step at the outset.


Stop Guessing and Start Predicing

 Let Connolly Consultants LLC show you how.